ENHANCEMENT – Enterprise Formats

SELCO has added some custom work into Enterprise to better facilitate borrowers searching for a particular format of a title, whether that’s a book, DVD, etc.
Above the Search Results, there are now up to five icons for the five most prominent formats from the search results. Clicking these images works exactly the same as the format facet and will refine results to those of the matching material type. An example looks like this:
Also, in addition to the icons which appear in the results and details, there is now the corresponding text for what the image represents. This removes the need to hover the mouse over unknown icons to determine what they represent.

As this is custom work, it’s possible that there’s a scenario we missed in our internal testing. If you find inconsistencies, please let the SELCO Help Desk (helpdesk@selco.info) know with examples so we can adjust the code.