Going Live with the New Minnesota Library Publishing Project

The Minnesota Library Publishing Project (MLPP) is a pilot project that provides online publishing tools and training information to support independent authors and small publishers across the state.  The MLPP is coordinated by Minitex with support from Minnesota’s academic and public libraries.

MLPP’s book design tool is Pressbooks: an easy-to-use, online, cloud-based service that enables authors and publishers to create attractive content using a wide variety of templates and formatting options. Templates are available that are tailored for poetry, fiction, family history, dissertations, and many other content types. Pressbooks assigns each uploaded manuscript a unique URL that authors can use to share their work. Pressbooks enables authors to export their work in the formats that are essential to publishing, including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and HTML. Authors also have a variety of options to create print versions of their book(s).

Click here to learn more and access Pressbooks. Feel free to share this site with library staff and patrons.

Minitex will offer an introductory webinar on Pressbooks on Thursday, April 27th from 10:00 -10:45 AM. Click here to register.

The MLPP’s website also offers training videos, best practices documents, and step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Pressbooks.

For the academic library community — Minitex will launch a Community of Interest (COI) to explore how to support publishing within the library. More information on the COI is at the bottom of this message.

For the public library community — Minitex is working with MELSA and the Council of Public Library System Administrators (CRPSLA) on the launch of Library Journal’s SELF-e system, which will enable authors to share their work with readers across the state and potentially across the country. This program will launch in the metro area this summer and will likely spread to the rest of the state shortly thereafter. Minitex will send out news posts and place information on MLPP’s web page when it launches. It will be available to academics with a public library card. Contact Andrea McKennan at MELSA for more information.

Minitex hopes libraries and library users will find this information helpful. MLPP is an experimental endeavor.  Click here to share feedback with Minitex.