July 2017 Public Library Borrower Purge

In order to maintain an accurate, up-to-date borrower database in Horizon, SELCO conducts a quarterly purge of records for borrowers that have been:

  • expired for 2 or more years and have no unresolved blocks
  • expired for 2 or more years, have no fines and have manual blocks
  • expired for 5 or more years, have less than 5.00 dollars in fines.

As per the process developed in consultation with the ILS Operations and Technology Policy joint committee, lists of borrower records eligible for purging were emailed to public library Directors and Automation Contacts on Thursday, July 27.  Libraries have until August 15 to add the Do not purge block to all records they wish to keep in the database.

Please contact the SELCO Help Desk with any questions about this process.  Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to maintain the integrity of the Horizon borrower database.