OverDrive Resources

When it comes to support for OverDrive eBooks at your library, did you know that OverDrive has a number of training resources to get your staff feeling more knowledge and comfortable with those interactions? You can find video resources and guides on their Resources site at: http://resources.overdrive.com/library/staff-training/
In addition to stock videos, OverDrive offers monthly Basics webcasts. The OverDrive User Experience in particular could be useful for your staff. It is offered on the second Tuesday of every month. You can register on their site under the Live Webcasts tab; just choose Southeastern Libraries Cooperating as your library when you register for simplicity’s sake.
Other resources for more urgent issues would be through the OverDrive Help website: http://help.overdrive.com/ That site includes a number of useful tools such as guides on getting started with a new device or navigating the OverDrive catalog.  It is also designed for patrons to locate information on their own for the more self-sufficient types.