Reminder: Horizon Library Basics class

We are down to the last two months to complete the Library Basics class, required for everyone with a Horizon login.  225 have completed Library Basics Training. 173 Horizon Users need to finish by the end of the day October 23, 2018. If you don’t finish by that date, your Horizon login will expire. 
The Library Basics class can be completed online in CLOTH. Create your own account and select the Library Basics course.
If you prefer in person classes, we have a couple of scheduled Library Basic classes at 9:30 am at SELCO on 
Friday, Sept 7
Tuesday, Sept 11
Almost every library has at least one person who needs to finish. Contact the Help Desk if you’d like a list for your location. 
If you would like a reminder of why we are doing the Horizon Reset, please read this document from Oct 2017.
Contact the Help Desk if you have any questions.