Understanding Horizon Settings class now available!

At the request of the ILS Operations/Technology Policy joint committee, SELCO has developed a class required for all Library Directors to better understand the complicated settings in the Horizon System: Understanding Horizon Settings. Directors may choose to include their automation contacts or other staff as well. You will have 12 months to complete the class and have your site visit. Find the class Understanding Horizon Settings in CLOTH, using your previous CLOTH login.
As Donovan said in a previous post,  we are continuing a moratorium on changes to your Horizon settings. This pause will be in effect for each library until it completes the class and the corresponding site visit. 
The class has no tests, but includes two parts: 
1. Read through the CLOTH class, printing and taking notes where indicated. 
2. Once class is complete, arrange a site visit (send a Help Desk ticket) in which SELCO looks through your settings and your notes with you, and comes up with a plan to streamline your library’s settings.
We will release a version for schools in the near future. We are looking forward to meeting with each of you and discussing ways to improve services!