SELCO’s Mission

Supporting libraries through delivery of professional expertise and sustainable services

SELCO’s Vision

We Empower Libraries

SELCO’s Purpose

Strengthening, Improving, and Promoting Library Services in SE Minnesota

SELCO’s Priorities

  1. Public Libraries of SE Minnesota
  2. SELCO Staff
  3. Funding Entities
  4. Librarianship

SELCO/SELS Core Values


  • A philosophy of service to the member libraries is the foundation for all we do
  • Continuously moving forward, innovating and improving is the key to relevance
  • Commitment to the success of others is the path to individual success


  • Taking risks is a necessary part of moving forward
  • Success is celebrated; mistakes are owned and explored
  • Strengths are recognized and utilized
  • Anything is possible; everything is not
  • Getting to “yes” may involve saying “no”


  • Accountability begins with all of us
  • Act with integrity in all aspects of service
  • Leaders exist at all levels of the organization
  • Commitment to learning and remaining curious


  • Working together makes us stronger
  • A diversity of ideas and experiences makes for better outcomes
  • Everyone engages and contributes


  • Candid conversations are the key to organization success
  • Sharing and understanding information requires effort on everyone’s part to succeed
  • New ideas are encouraged from all levels of the organization
  • Constructive feedback promotes growth
  • Positive intent is assumed in all interactions